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Full-Timing in our RV


This has changed our lives quite a bit over the last 7 years. We have been full-timers  since June of 2000. We live in our motor home year round, following the sun or what ever pleasures that we are looking for at the time. We are now maintaining a travel page of our escapades as retired full-timers. Click on the Current Year button (above) to see what we have been doing for the last month or so. 

As for RV’ing, we will be traveling all over the United States including Alaska, Canada, and a couple of trips into Mexico. We will see the cities and towns, the back roads, the lakes and streams, and the history that makes the U.S. a great place to live.  One of my goals is to see and enjoy as many of the National Parks & Monuments that we can.  I keep track in a passport.

So, now RV’ing is our lifestyle instead of something we get to do once in awhile. We are still really enjoying this new way of life.

We are Escapees, it has a double meaning.  It’s means we have escaped into a great life style but it also is the RV group that we belong to that supports all RV’ers but especially full-timers.  We use them for our mail forwarding service, our phone card, our permanent address, etc.  We also get great discounts at a lot of RV parks around the US.


Our first class A purchased in 1993, a Newmar Kountry Star.  Here we are at the Aqua Barn Ranch, the first stop before we really hit the road.


Me and the Kountry Star in Branson, MO.  My Mom came to visit and we saw lots of shows.


The map of where we have been in our first MH by the time we got to Tennessee in Sept. 2000.  We’ve since been to AL, MS, AR, OK, TX, & NM.


Raccoon Valley RV Park sign in Heiskell, TN.  We stayed here in Sept. & Oct. of 2000.  Great people, great park, great RV park system.


In January of 2001, we decided we needed a new motor home after having been on the road 8 months.  We went back to work to pay for it but during that time, we are living in it.  This is a 2001 Holiday Rambler Imperial.  That is Jim standing in front of it with a cup of coffee in his hand.


This is the living room of our current MH, you can see out of our "large living room picture window".


This is the kitchen/dining area of the front of the MH. The side with the kitchen and sleeper couch slides out.


Christmas lights on the MH at Issaquah Valley RV Park.  I love Christmas lights!



Our home on wheels at the Crown Villa RV Resort in Bend, OR.  We saw sun the first 2 weeks & then snow off and on for the next 2 following weeks (October 2004).