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Now for genealogy. I am the family historian for the Montgomery/Knight side but I also do research for Jim’s lines. I have been busy learning Family Tree Maker 2008 while still using FTM 2006 for my full file.  I am getting use to the new format, but it can be slow!  I have also changed the software that I use for my surname pages, I am now using GenPages.  It is free and easy to use and I like the easy format once the HTML is generated.  I hope to do some localized research again once we get back to Texas on my Montgomery line.

We have reduced the surname list down to direct lineage and a few cousins for both Kim’s line and Jim’s line. It isn’t so over-whelming now. So many individuals and so little time. We were taking up too much server space and I got e-mail from people I couldn’t help and I felt guilty. This way I can give more specific data to those interested and researching the same ancestors. If you have an interest, check out Kim’s Surname list or Jim’s Surname list. We would love to exchange data with anyone who is researching the same lines.

We’re always hunting for the next new cousin …
so, we are always under construction.

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