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Where we Live

Home is where you park it :)  Jim and I are full-timers in our RV, home is where ever we happen to be at any given time.  We have hit the road, we travel a month at a time.  Jim wants to continue working for awhile, so we sit a month, get high speed connection and viola! he is bringing home the bacon!  Me, I am planning the fun things to do, places to go, people to see.  I am the "project manager" of the house.


We did purchase a home base in Livingston, TX, see the May and June 2006 pages to see the changes.


Lisa and her family live in the Sandpoint, ID area where they enjoy the out-of-doors.  They are in the process of building their own home.  An exciting time for them.


Mike and his family live in the San Antonio, TX area where they are close to Celi’s family.  They are busy working and enjoying the area where Celi grew up.


Mark & Sean both live in the Seattle, WA area.  We get to see them when we visit our Boeing friends and family.


My family is mainly in the Portland area, close enough to get together but far enough away not to get on each others nerves :)


Jim’s family is further away, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, & Virginia with many nieces and nephews all over the place.


Some of the Family

Kim & Jim wine tasting :)


Kim, Lisa (Kim’s sister) & Jim at the Barking Frog


Sean & Mark (son’s) at their b-day party dinner


Sean & Mark chowing down


Sean, Julie (granddaughter), Lisa (daughter), Brian (son-in-law), Jim, Kim, Nathan & Jacob (grandsons; twins as if you couldn’t tell :)


Jacob, Nathan & Julie at Halloween


Scott & Kelsey at home (grandkids)


Scott the Viking!


Kelsey (with Mike [son] & Celi [daughter-in-law] in the background)


Lee, Sam, Jim, Kim, Rebecca & Larry (Sam is Jim’s brother and Becka is Jim’s sister)


Extended family, Jim, his brother Sam, his wife, Lee (and family) and Jim’s sister Sarah from TX


Dinner at the Waddle’s, Mark, Lee, Sam, Sarah and Jim (while Sarah was visiting from TX)
Kim’s family gathering (Sally, Al, Teresa, Jeff, Luisa, Dad) Kim’s family roofing party (Sean, Russ & Jim)