This is the town where you make the decision, fish or cut bait. Well, it’s really more about do you go over the “top of the world” or not. Our small band of 4 decided that is exactly what we are going to do. It’s an adventure, we will never be back this way again, so “let’s do it!”.


But not only that, there is fun stuff to do IN Dawson City (Yukon) and around the area. The town has maintained it’s historical integrity since it was where the first gold strike was found in the Yukon. Stuff to see, learn and very interesting walks given by the town.


There is also a drive up to the Arctic Circle if you want (and yes we want), suppose to be a pretty drive and potential of seeing lots of critters.  I am going to break our Dawson trip down to a few pages just so that you can see it all without going blind Winking smile


So this page will be about the views in town, the historical buildings, our walk and anything else I can think of to put here.


Here goes…



really interesting RV that we saw on the drive and then again in the park. They are all set with with a motorcycle and bicycle on both ends of the rig and surfboards & kayaks on the roof. And, don’t forget the Newfoundland dog inside with the 2 guys.


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (7) f

This was just a cool cloud on the drive, Jim and I both thought it looked like a puppy dog, the head is on the left.


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (21) f

welcome to Dawson City!


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (24) f

all sorts of houses to be found, old, new and in-between


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (26) f

one of the local churches. The buildings in town either are renovated or at least built to look like the historical building of the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (27) f

What they do in the winter, curl! Winking smile


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (31) f

really nice front on this newer hotel


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (35) f

this is again, one of the older homes, love the dog looking out the window


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (36) f

this is what happens when the permafrost melts under your buildings, they start to sink. They left these building this way as a way to show tourists what happens.


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (39) f

more store fronts


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (40) f

the Red Feather Saloon. the original burnt down, but they rebuilt it from old pictures and it turned out really nice


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (42) f

The local dance hall where they put on shows


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (46) f

Klondike Kates has some good food. She really existed and even more interesting, she died in Bend, OR.


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (48) f

The SS Keno, which you can tour.

DawsonC 06-09-2014 (49) f

One of the original 2 banks in town, this one will get renovated next year. Robert Service worked as a teller here for about 1 year


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (55) f

the car ferry across the Yukon, it’s the only way to get across here in town (and yes, we take our RV across it, more on that in another post!)


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (58) f

Our young walking guide. Nice kid, knew a LOT and the government pays him to do his job thru the visitor center


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (60) f

Cave Man Bill’s “home”. He actually live in the cave here across the river from town. I guess it is really nice inside!


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (69) f

The original newspaper in town, thrived until the mid 60’s


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (70) f

The backside of the mortuary, it shows 3 different era’s of building, log cabin, wood siding and then tin siding


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (72) f

the walking group (including myself, Jim and Mark N) heading into the other bank to look around


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (74) f

The interior has been restored and it was nice…


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (83) f

inside the Red Feather Saloon, all rebuilt based on photos


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (84) f

selfie thru the mirror


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (85) f

local bar that we had to check out and have a beer, it closes at 8:00pm


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (87) f

This is the bar itself


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (90) f

This bar takes over when the other closes and is open until 2:00am. We had a beer here too Winking smile


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (91) f

some of the art work in the 2nd part of the bar, done by a local artist


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (92) f

more of the “interesting” art work


DawsonC 06-09-2014 (94) f

view of the town from top of the Dome



DawsonC 06-09-2014 (104) f

nice place to see that view!


more coming soon on Dawson City and area ~ Kim