The next stop was a one-nighter, they sure make a lot of stops here! Actually, it’s very refreshing to move slow and take your time. In our “normal” traveling, depending on where we are going and why, we would travel up to 350 a day or 6 hours…


So far, I think our longest day has just been over 200 miles or 4 miles (while in the RV). There isn’t a lot of road, but we are still in the Yukon. There is more road here (Yukon) than in Alaska, but not by much Winking smile


It was just Mark N. and us, so we worked hard. We did a little hike along Moose Creek (with the mosquitoes) looking for what else, moose, but no sightings. Only their scat.


After the hike, Mark needed to make room in his freezer for his Salmon or Halibut, so he shared some homemade turkey stew with us, I had some excellent sourdough bread, so we added that.  For dessert, what else! S’mores! it did rain on us, but we were done for the day so that was good. It also helped to put out the fire. Smokey the bear would have been proud.


So, here are some photos to remember the drive & stop by:


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (1)

the boys chowing down


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (2)

Mark’s wonderful stew & the sourdough bread


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (3)

Moi roasting my marshmallows for my s’mores


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (6)

perfect finished product!


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (15) f

view along the drive to Moose Creek


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (20) f

wild roses


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (24) f

stairs to the river and no, we didn’t go down, it would have taken us ALL DAY to get back up Winking smile


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (46) f

This guy was just walking against the traffic, pulling a wheelchair with all of his “stuff”, whatever that might be


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (49) f

Moose Creek Lodge – they serve breakfast, lunch & dinner and there are rooms too!


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (50) f

mosquitoes outside the lodge


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (53) f

another scene in front of the lodge


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (59) f

on our hike


Moose Creek 06-08-2014 (61) f

the only critter we came across… and he was mad!


another great, easy travel day ~ Kim