Ok, this is another 1 night stop. Mark was down the road at Coal Mine, Jim and I stayed at Hotel Carmacks (there were not any sites big enough for us at Coal Mine, besides, we like wi-fi and hook-ups).


The little burger joint at the Coal Mine were touted as being the best in the world, so we had to give it a try.  They were good, but not the best.  We then went down to Mark’s site and chatted with him before heading back to ours.


Not much to share, but what I have, here it is…


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (7) f

the only live critters we saw on this leg of the drive Winking smile cute little foal


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (12) f

we are always being taunted, but no such luck. the caribou are at their calving groups which are not here


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (21) f

this is an old roadhouse that was used during the gold rush and beyond until the road was paved


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (25) f

where the world famous cinnamon buns are made daily, they sell over 100 a day


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (26) f

another famous item, the biggest cinnamon buns you have ever seen, suppose to feed 4, Jim and I did split one Winking smile


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (49) f

Welcome to Carmacks!


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (52) f

late night color (right around midnight)


Carmacks 06-07-2014 (58) f

more color & cool little cloud


IMG_1517 f

the famous burger…


and we continue down the road ~ Kim