The drive from Carcross to Whitehorse was uneventful. We stayed 1 night and then took off for the next short drive to Carmacks.  The important thing was that I got my laundry done while doing a little happy hour with the group.


We did talk Mark into going to the Mile Canyon with us, it is a mile long canyon along the Yukon River just outside of Whitehorse.


Here are a few pictures taken along the way…


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (29) f



Carcross II 06-06-2014 (32) f

This is a truly working weather vane, the plane turns as the wind moves it


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (41) f

a really fast boat on the Yukon River while walking along the Mile Canyon


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (47) f

wildflower along the trail


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (50) f

we even got to walk across a suspension bridge (Free!)


IMG_1504 f

The group went to dinner together at the Klondike Rib & Salmon place



another view


IMG_1510 f

the gang


IMG_1511 f

Their specialty… Jim and I shared it, it was very good.


that’s all folks! ~ Kim