We left Skagway a little after 4:00pm to drive to Carcross. We get to go across customs once more into Canada. We are going to stay at a local RV park that was free since they had not gotten it ready for the season yet. No hook-ups, but nice place, nice sites. We get up early in the morning to check out the cute town before we continue our journey to Whitehorse and then slowly work our way to Dawson City.


The bakery in Carcross had really yummy stuff, we got a couple of cinnamon buns (mine with raisins, Jim’s with almonds & peaches). We also go a huge loaf of sourdough bread and I enjoyed that a LOT.


I didn’t get away without buying myself a little souvenir, a laser worked metal wall hanging of a wolf’s head. I am going to be doing a lot of decorating in the beer room with Alaska stuff Smile


Here are a few of the pictures taken that morning before we continued the days journey to our next stop…


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (1) f

They decorated all of these buildings in totem style abstracts and are just gorgeous


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (2) f

They are café’s, souvenirs, visitor centers and other types of merchandise


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (4) f

back side


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (6) f

This was a church that was established in 1904. I wanted to get the only view of the snow capped mountains in the picture


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (9) f

Totem figures


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (10) f

this way to the bakery!


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (11) f

the shop where I bought my metal art. He has some really great stuff


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (12) f

the general store, I bought a t-shirt here too Smile with tongue out


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (16) f

who knew there was a small desert in Carcross? a really good sized sand dune


Carcross II 06-06-2014 (25) f

Emerald Lake. The color was awesome and the green rings were really pretty.


We are now on the road to Whitehorse for a night or two…


stay on the right side of the road ~ Kim