The day proved just perfect! Some clouds, warmer, not much breeze, great day to be out on the water. I had already decided I wanted to do this trip and there was only 1 day during our stay to do it and today was the day! Mark N and Jon/Sue decided to take the trip also.


Fjord Express to Juneau


The dad/owner/Glen and daughter Libby were our crew and you could not ask for a better one! We got a continental breakfast (huge healthy blueberry muffin, juice, coffee), had lunch in Juneau and then dinner on the boat was some really great Salmon chowder & multi-grain roll. Just enough to keep you very happy.


Glen knew the route, he does it all the time. From Skagway, you head over to Haines to either drop off or pick up (it is a ferry service after all) and then it’s on down to Juneau. Depending on how much wildlife you see on the way down, you get about 1 hour or a little more in Juneau to look around old town/eat then they pick you back up for a trip to Mendenhall Glacier.


We saw eagles, humpback whales, sea lions, harbor seals, black bear, and deer. We were hoping for orcas but that didn’t happen. All the humpies were worth the trip! There were parts of the trip where the water (Lynn Canal) was just like glass, perfect for reflection picture taking Winking smile


I would recommend this trip to any and all, it is definitely in our top 5 things so far this trip!


Here is a little picture journey of our day.




until the next time ~ Kim