The next thing on the list was rain and cold… I did laundry, we hiked up to the falls behind the Gold Rush Cemetery and went to a Salmon Bake for dinner.


The Salmon Bake was in “Liarsville”, where all of the newspaper journalists stayed during the gold rush. They are the ones that did all the advertising, getting people excited, etc.  It’s just too bad that most of the people that finally made their way to Skagway and up the Chilkoot Trail, didn’t find gold since all of the claims were already staked. It’s an interesting story…


It was a little cold & dreary at the dinner/show, but we did our best to enjoy ourselves. I would think it would be much more enjoyable if the weather co-operated.


So here are the few pictures from the day…



Salmon 06-03-2014 (4)

selfie on the bus


Salmon 06-03-2014 (5) f

our tour guide and bus driver (Buttermilk)


Salmon 06-03-2014 (6) f

Jim and Mark


Salmon 06-03-2014 (7) f

tents similar to what the journalists would have used


Salmon 06-03-2014 (8) f

Trading post (souvenirs)


Salmon 06-03-2014 (10) f

the show (plus a recitation of one of Robert Service’s poems)


Salmon 06-03-2014 (15) f

Jim helping some of our group pan for gold


Salmon 06-03-2014 (17) f

the important place, where to get a cold beer


Salmon 06-03-2014 (21) f

the salmon on the grill


Salmon 06-03-2014 (24) f

one of the dogs, Dolly; this is a malamute (big one!)


Skagway 06-03-2014 (2) f

Marker for the fallen US Marshalls during the gold rush


Skagway 06-03-2014 (12) f

Reid Falls


It was a slow day due to the weather, but thankfully, it perks up ~ Kim