We love Skagway!!! Even though we got to (almost) sleep thru a 5.8 earthquake (see earlier post). That was exciting Smile


Our drive into Skagway was interesting, many of the other Loosey Goosey group didn’t want to do it, they were scared of the roads, long ascents & descents and on top of it, there was a 12kim of gravel… We took it slow and easy and it was a piece of cake. Worth the drive, we had great weather and the scenery was amazing. It was so different than anything we had seen before.


It was also about going thru customs (again) since we were leaving British Columbia, Canada into Alaska (for 4 days). It was smooth sailing heading in.


We got our bearings, checked out a couple of sights, went down to the marina where the cruise ships come in and decided on what we wanted to do for the other days. Mark N & Sue/Jon Glick were joining us for the next day, so we had a full day to play and then it was a boat ride (next blog post) and a train ride (the next post after that). 


So here are the pictures to go along with the drive day and our first full day in Skagway…


Skagway 06-01-2014 (2) f

Happy Toes as we leave Teslin, BC


Skagway 06-01-2014 (10) f

reflections along the hwy


Skagway 06-01-2014 (11) f

more reflections


Skagway 06-01-2014 (20) f

our critter for the drive, a porcupine


Skagway 06-01-2014 (46) f

the mountains were just beautiful as we drove


Skagway 06-01-2014 (100) f

More mountains


As we were driving, we saw that there was a suspension bridge that crossed a river (can’t remember the name). I decided it was a kodak moment so we stopped. You couldn’t even LOOK at the bridge unless you paid $18 can for each adult. Oh well, we are on an adventure…



Skagway 06-01-2014 (111) f

Jim applying to be a Canadian Mountie



Skagway 06-01-2014 (116) f

It was cold and windy, Jim wasn’t so excited. This is as far as he would go.


Skagway 06-01-2014 (118) f

I on the other hand, wanted to cross but Jim wouldn’t let me. He wanted back in the nice warm RV.


Skagway 06-01-2014 (136) f

around the top of the pass to Skagway, it was a frozen world up there still


Skagway 06-01-2014 (145) f

Lots of ice on small lakes, snow & clouds but we were lucky, we could see it all. It was all clouded in the next day for the other 2 rigs to come in.


Skagway 06-01-2014 (149) f

small waterfalls everywhere


Skagway 06-01-2014 (154) f

it’s official, we are in Alaska, turn on the cell phone, quick!


Skagway 06-01-2014 (165) f

it’s always interesting to see what over achievers want to do. This bike rider was going up the long incline


Skagway 06-01-2014 (171) f

another waterfall


Skagway 06-01-2014 (174) f

our RV pulled over (it was a Kodak moment) so I took a picture of it too


Skagway 06-01-2014 (180) f

more intrepid riders, they were on the “older” side. More power to ‘em!


Skagway 06-01-2014 (184) f

Skagway harbor


Skagway 06-01-2014 (186) f

only one cruise ship in on Sunday


Skagway 06-02-2014 (4) f

some store shop fronts


Skagway 06-02-2014 (4)

Jim & Mark N. in front of Skagway Brewing Co. to do a little beer tasting!


Skagway 06-02-2014 (5) f

totem poles on the side of a shop


Skagway 06-02-2014 (8)

the beer list, the Spruce Tip Blonde is what they are known for and the most sold. I liked the IPA the best Winking smile


Skagway 06-02-2014 (10)

Our tasting samples, in the order as the board above


Skagway 06-02-2014 (13) f

More store fronts


Skagway 06-02-2014 (13)

we had dinner at the brewery the following day, the food was excellent!!!


Skagway 06-02-2014 (14) f

more store fronts, but what is important here is the quilt shop! it was awesome


Skagway 06-02-2014 (16) f

the lilacs were in bloom


Skagway 06-02-2014 (16)

I asked them if they could do Salmon fish & chips (they only had halibut on the menu). They did just for me!!! and they were AWESOME!


Skagway 06-02-2014 (18)

this is Mark’s burger, he could barely get his mouth around it, but he managed



We also drove up the old Dyea road to see if we could find the beginning of the Chilkoot Trail. This is the trail that the gold miners had to trudge up to get to Dawson City from Skagway. The whole story is amazing, so many didn’t make it and once they got there, most of them found that all the gold claims were already gone.



Skagway 06-02-2014 (27) f

Dave/Lois checking out some reading panels along the way


Skagway 06-02-2014 (29) f

The view from the panels; the miners would ferry up the river when the tide was high


Skagway 06-02-2014 (34) f

Part of the Klondike Gold Rush Nat’l Historic Park


Skagway 06-02-2014 (51) f

whimsical stop along the drive


Skagway 06-02-2014 (56) f

looking at the RV park from up on the cliffs


Skagway 06-02-2014 (57) f

looking down towards the harbor, lots more cruise ships today


Skagway 06-02-2014 (58) f

I think the cutest of the tourist transportation in Skagway


Skagway 06-02-2014 (65) f

The Gold Miners cemetery… locals and miners that didn’t make it were buried here.


So far, so great Smile 


on to the next adventure!  Kim