We headed onto Teslin, 1 day behind the bigger group and we won’t see them again until either Fairbanks or Denali. That’s why it is called Loosey Goosey Smile We do want we want, when we want to! Our plan is to stay one night here.


We stay at a campground on the lake, they have a decent restaurant and a great souvenir store along with a small museum with really well done stuffed animals. Jim and wandered thru there for awhile.


Again, we did get to see a few animals along the way, but the scenery is getting better again (not that is was every bad…).


Jim and I have never traveled like this before, we usually put in a full day of driving (up to 6 hours) and then stay awhile. These stops are usually less than 200 miles apart so we get there much earlier and have time to do stuff during the day.


Here are the photo memories from this drive & stop:


Teslin 05-31-2014 (4) f

we have NO idea what this guy was doing, he was just walking down the hwy with a card full of his stuff


Teslin 05-31-2014 (6) f

watch for Caribou! (but we never saw any)


Teslin 05-31-2014 (30) f

another brown black bear


Teslin 05-31-2014 (35)f

here he is a little closer


Teslin 05-31-2014 (49) f

there was this rock graffiti all along the drive, any blank dirt shoulder had some type of writing in it using rocks


Teslin 05-31-2014 (89) f

another brown black bear, seem to be prevalent along this route (brown ones that is)


Teslin 05-31-2014 (100) f

we just keep trucking down the road


Teslin 05-31-2014 (121) f

the mountains are full of snow


Teslin 05-31-2014 (127) f

You go where the road takes you


Teslin 05-31-2014 (145) f

one of many of the types of stops along this part of the Alcan…


Teslin 05-31-2014 (192) f

Jim, can I keep him?


Nice break, but it’s time to continue on down the road ~ Kim