We left Liard for our next stop, Watson Lake. This was a great drive, pretty but also LOTS OF CRITTERS Smile That is one of my favorite things (if you haven’t figured that out already). Jim and I are always on the look-out for animals along the way, we were not disappointed.


I would take pictures thru the windows, open the windows and take more pictures, rush from the front seat to the side seat (depending on which side of the road they were on) and Jim would so gracefully (most of the time) stop so that they were not blurry. Well, some are just because I am not the best photographer in the world Winking smile 


The other big claim to fame is that Watson Lake has the Sign Forest! LOTS of people put up signs of who they are, where they are from, or whatever crosses their fancy. The Loosey Goosey group put up a joint sign that included our names, so we are all good.


Jim and I also did a drive up the Campbell Hwy to see if we could find some critters along there. We did, so it was worth the drive, especially since we got to see our first Red Fox.


This was also a great opportunity to catch up on laundry, I posted a few things on Facebook, we went across the street to the Northern Lights Theatre and watch a short film on someone taking pictures of Northern Lights (which we will not see on this trip unless we stay into Sept. and then it will still be iffy).


Here are the pictures along the way…



WL 05-29-2014 (3) f

“brown” black bear


WL 05-29-2014 (4) f

lovely views as we drive, pictures don’t do it justice


WL 05-29-2014 (12) f

we look for black blobs, and hope it is a bear, in this case it is


WL 05-29-2014 (16) f

young eagle I believe


WL 05-29-2014 (29) f

black bear


WL 05-29-2014 (48) f

saw LOTS of Woods Bison


WL 05-29-2014 (78) f

Doe a Deer


WL 05-29-2014 (83) f

single guy


WL 05-29-2014 (149) f

saw LOTS of different black bears


WL 05-29-2014 (225) f

and they loved the dandelions!


WL 05-29-2014 (282) f

They knew we were coming…


WL 05-29-2014 (287) f

sign forest


WL 05-29-2014 (289)f

official entry


WL 05-30-2014 (8) f

Mark showing off the sign he had made for the group


WL 05-30-2014 (10) f

our turn to get our picture under the sign (it’s the red-ish sign 2nd from top)


WL 05-30-2014 (15) f

those that were there, got into the group picture


WL 05-30-2014 (16) f

heading down a new hwy (in the car this time)


WL 05-30-2014 (17) f

there was a float plane service on the lake


WL 05-30-2014 (44) f

a Loon…


WL 05-30-2014 (83) f

oh look, another black bear in the dandelions


WL 05-30-2014 (102) f

purple flowers (lupine)


WL 05-30-2014 (112) f

Red Fox


WL 05-30-2014 (117) f

just checking on what we are doing (he has a mouse in his mouth!)


WL 05-30-2014 (146) f

Sun going down at the RV park, but not truly down for a few more hours close around midnight.



We spent 2 nights here, just enough to get done what we wanted to get done Smile


Stay Loose and see you down the road ~ Kim