We “enjoyed” a 5.7 magnitude earthquake last night. Well, it was close to Haines and Skagway is close to Haines too. It rocked & rolled the RV so much it woke us up! I just came awake and knew what it was right away… Jim on the other hand was jolted awake, he sat up and said “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” It was pretty funny actually.


I just told him it was an earthquake, he didn’t believe me. We talked about what else it could be (at 3:57am not much), so I stuck with my story.


He looked it up on google and sure enough, I was right. I should have made a million dollar bet!


Earthquake article (ABC news)


Earthquake article (reuters)


Well, we are now just about ready to depart for the dock, we are going on the Fjord to Juneau fast catamaran trip! All day, 8 to 8… continental breakfast, dinner, several hours in Juneau (lunch) and hopefully LOTS of water critters!


pictures coming this way soon ~ Kim