Our next stop is for 2 nights in a provincial park. No hook-ups with generator hours from 9:00 – 11:00am and then 6:00 – 8:00pm. It was enough, but made for instant coffee in the morning since our espresso machine needs the generator Smile


It is a pretty park, well run and the best part are the hot springs! This was where many of the men would bath every night (or how often they really did…) while building the Alcan Hwy during the 40’s.


Now, it has a wonderful boardwalk, changing rooms, steps into the pool and even seats under the water!  Near the source, the water is about 103-104 degrees and cools down the further you get away and then down into the lower pool.


We enjoyed our stay here, took advantage of the pools, went looking for more critters (only saw them on the drive to the stop) and drove up to Smith River Falls. They were pretty but sad looking too since the surrounding area had been hit by fire a few years back and the trees have not grown back yet.


So here are a few memories from the drive and the stay at Liard.


LHS 05-27-2014 (13) f



LHS 05-27-2014 (39) f

Wood Bison


LHS 05-27-2014 (81) f

our rig and my personal moose’s Smile


LHS 05-27-2014 (92) f

Smith River Falls


LHS 05-27-2014 (116) f

wildflowers along the boardwalk to springs


LHS 05-27-2014 (118) f

main pool of the hot springs


LHS 05-27-2014 (126) f

Jim relaxing on a bench in the pool


LHS 05-27-2014 (135) f

Jim heading towards the source


LHS 05-27-2014 (143) f



LHS 05-27-2014 (153) f 



LHS 05-28-2014 (17) f

another black bear Smile


It was hard to leave, but we must continue on. I got 4 skeeter bites while in the pool, didn’t know it until a few days later when one of them started to itch! oh well, they are fine now…


I would definitely suggest a stay here if you ever take the trek to Alaska!