Our next stop was Muncho Lake. Wow, what a pretty lake but mostly still frozen over. If the wind came across it and hit you, it was like 10 degrees colder than the surrounding air. BRRRRR.


Jim and I decided to stay at an RV park; the Northern Lights RV Park, just down the road from where the rest were at Strawberry Flats Provincial Park. I wanted a long shower, eat breakfast at the restaurant, and do other chores. We did drive back to the other park for happy hour, couldn’t bypass that!


This was just a one night stay, very pretty, but the best part was ALL THE CRITTERS! along the drive Smile


So here are a few pictures of critters, the lake and other meaningless but necessary memories Winking smile


NRL 05-26-2014 (32) f

bear jumping small creek


NRL 05-26-2014 (37) f

frozen lake


NRL 05-26-2014 (92) f

mama bear and 2 cubs


NRL 05-26-2014 (169) f

another black bear (saw lots of bears)


NRL 05-26-2014 (260) f

Stone sheep


NRL 05-26-2014 (274) f

porcupine crossing the road


NRL 05-26-2014 (294) f

up, up and away goes the sheep


NRL 05-26-2014 (328) f

Jim and the RV (way back there)… I made him walk back up to the bridge where I got pics of 2 moose


NRL 05-26-2014 (370) f

This is another moose we saw!


NRL 05-26-2014 (404) f

Muncho Lake reflections


NRL 05-26-2014 (417) f

more Muncho Lake reflections


(did I tell you that I like to take reflection pictures?)


NRL 05-26-2014 (448) f

Mark pointing out moose scat by his campsite on the lake at Strawberry Flats


NRL 05-26-2014 (468) f

Late sun (around 9:30/10:00pm) reflections


I forgot to mention, the further north we go, the later the sunset! I think so far the worst has been around 10:30/11:00 but still some light and the sunrise is around 2:30am/3:00… You may not see many pics from that since I probably won’t be up!


It was a great layover, the drive was awesome, due to the critter count. Next stop, Liard Hot Springs. ~ Kim