After getting to know everyone (as best as we could), it was on to the next stop mostly as a group. Sad to say, we left behind several rigs (and their folks); a radiator & other issues that needed attention before they could continue. (btw, they have all since caught up).


The drive was pretty, but Jim and I did not see any critters! We were definitely disappointed, but hey, we still enjoyed the easy drive. I think we were one of the last to get parked at Prophet (an old abandoned provincial park, spaces, no hook-ups). We are staying two night.


Mark N. for the full day at Prophet, smoked some of the best meatloaf to be enjoyed and I made cupcakes in my convection oven (two boxes) to help celebrate his birthday! I think everyone enjoyed themselves.


Jim and I also took a hike (can’t call it a walk) down to the river, looking for moose (who me?). We saw scat for both bear and moose, but no sign of the actual critters. We did see a squirrel though, he was cute, so it was all good.


Prophet 05-24-2014 (6) f

love the clouds


Prophet 05-24-2014 (35) f

happy toes


Prophet 05-24-2014 (47) f



Prophet 05-24-2014 (52) f

old tractor


Prophet 05-24-2014 (59) f

yeah, yeah, so they keep saying


Prophet 05-24-2014 (112) f

everyone parked


Prophet 05-25-2014 (5) f

pretty wildflower


Prophet 05-25-2014 (9) f

squirrel checking us out


Prophet 05-25-2014 (11) f

moose scat


This was 2 days of boondocking, easy peasy. Navy showers and using the generator to keep the oven going for the cupcakes.


Let’s hope for more critter sightings as we go!