Our stay here is ending tomorrow morning, we hit the Alaska Hwy around 9am MST (they don’t do daylight savings here). That means we are the same time as the west coast right now, but once we get to Alaska, we will be behind 1 hour.
It’s been fun getting to know the Loosey Goosey group! We are traveling with other rigs but not as a true caravan. We have a “rubber” itinerary, so if you show up great, if not, we will see them further down the road. It makes for a much easier way to travel, knowing there are folks around that you know and if you need help, they can be found. 😉
We checked out the museum in town, drove out to a wooden bridge that is still in use from when the Alaska Hwy was built in 1945, visited with the LG group and got ready for the rest of the trip.
We ended up having to take the rig to the shop to get a fix on the water pump and during the time it was out, got a crack in the driver side windshield :( Jim & Mark worked on a temp fix to keep the crack from continuing to move up because it would end up right in Jim’s driving sight. Not good.
So we are as ready as we can be. We will be boondocking (dry camping) for the next 3 or so nights, so it’s navy showers for the next few days. Just like at Cow Camp 😉
Here’s a few pictures to remember Dawson Creek, BC:

When we get back to civilization, will be posting ~ Kim