We thought we had gotten all the work done that we needed on the RV over the winter. Well, you are never done, done. So we keep a list of things that can be fixed later but something’s just have to be done NOW.
While at the RV park for Mt. Rushmore, we had a gentleman come and replace our heater motor. The weather was cold before we got there and continued to be cold. The heater was working but all of a sudden, really awful squealing noises were coming out when it started it. A bearing was going out on the motor…


Empty heater spot

As I type this, Jim is in the process of replacing our water pump (with three trips to the local RV part store).
What else has been worked on? Let’s see: Jim did an override on a cylinder for how a button up front would turn off all the 12volt appliances. It helped (the toilet was not flushing well on battery) but not perfect. We are still talking about having the controller replaced on the electric toilet; and we had a part of the tow bar replaced, it had to be overnighted from Blue OX to a local dealer, it’s working fine now.
We also had our main credit card compromised at a franchise Pilot Truck Stop in Hardin, MT (the card showed up being used twice in UT and once in NV). The card got cancelled, so we had to have a new one overnighted to us so that we could continue to travel. I have several bills automatically charged to that card so had to re-do all of that too. It happened last November also, a database was hacked so it got cancelled then. I keep thinking about setting up a different card for the bills, but still haven’t done it.
Let’s hope that most of the issues are behind us and that we have smooth sailing as we continue our big Alaska Adventure!
Time to take a shower now that Jim has the pump replaced ~ Kim