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May 23rd, 2014 | in RV'ing Lifestyle | Leave a comment

Our stay here is ending tomorrow morning, we hit the Alaska Hwy around 9am MST (they don’t do daylight savings here). That means we are the same time as the west coast right now, but once we get to Alaska, we will be behind 1 hour.
It’s been fun getting to know the Loosey Goosey group! We are traveling with other rigs but not as a true caravan. We have a “rubber” itinerary, so if you show up great, if not, we will see them further down the road. It makes for a much easier way to travel, knowing there are folks around that you know and if you need help, they can be found. 😉
We checked out the museum in town, drove out to a wooden bridge that is still in use from when the Alaska Hwy was built in 1945, visited with the LG group and got ready for the rest of the trip.
We ended up having to take the rig to the shop to get a fix on the water pump and during the time it was out, got a crack in the driver side windshield :( Jim & Mark worked on a temp fix to keep the crack from continuing to move up because it would end up right in Jim’s driving sight. Not good.
So we are as ready as we can be. We will be boondocking (dry camping) for the next 3 or so nights, so it’s navy showers for the next few days. Just like at Cow Camp 😉
Here’s a few pictures to remember Dawson Creek, BC:

When we get back to civilization, will be posting ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in RV'ing Lifestyle | Leave a comment

We thought we had gotten all the work done that we needed on the RV over the winter. Well, you are never done, done. So we keep a list of things that can be fixed later but something’s just have to be done NOW.
While at the RV park for Mt. Rushmore, we had a gentleman come and replace our heater motor. The weather was cold before we got there and continued to be cold. The heater was working but all of a sudden, really awful squealing noises were coming out when it started it. A bearing was going out on the motor…


Empty heater spot

As I type this, Jim is in the process of replacing our water pump (with three trips to the local RV part store).
What else has been worked on? Let’s see: Jim did an override on a cylinder for how a button up front would turn off all the 12volt appliances. It helped (the toilet was not flushing well on battery) but not perfect. We are still talking about having the controller replaced on the electric toilet; and we had a part of the tow bar replaced, it had to be overnighted from Blue OX to a local dealer, it’s working fine now.
We also had our main credit card compromised at a franchise Pilot Truck Stop in Hardin, MT (the card showed up being used twice in UT and once in NV). The card got cancelled, so we had to have a new one overnighted to us so that we could continue to travel. I have several bills automatically charged to that card so had to re-do all of that too. It happened last November also, a database was hacked so it got cancelled then. I keep thinking about setting up a different card for the bills, but still haven’t done it.
Let’s hope that most of the issues are behind us and that we have smooth sailing as we continue our big Alaska Adventure!
Time to take a shower now that Jim has the pump replaced ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in Scenic | Leave a comment

Many of you may know that I post views from my front seat of the RV using my iPad when I can. Well, we don’t always have cellular or Wi-Fi to post at the time of driving, so here are other pictures I took with my “real” camera. Especially while in Canada, I only have so much data allowed to download, so saving it for Google Maps if I need it 😉
These pictures are from Great Falls, MT; thru the border at Canada, the drive up to Lethbridge, AB and then Edmonton, AB. Once we hit Dawson Creek, BC, that is where the real Alaska trip starts along the Alaska Hwy.
So here they are in all their glory (or not)…


Keep the camera close ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in Beer Tasting, Food | Leave a comment

Let’s see, where all did we try some beer? People looked at us funny because we truly only tasted, never stopped and actually had just a beer (unless we were eating). So I will try and list all of the places that we tasted:


While in Rapid City, SD we had dinner at Independent Ale House. They have hand hand crafted pizza and ours was awesome! They have 40 rotating taps and over 145 different bottled beers to purchase. You need to go here.
We also went to Montana Brewing for lunch, I just love their fish & chips!



Cheers! ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in National Parks | Leave a comment

We left ND and headed over to Montana to spend a few more days before heading up to Canada and our trip of a lifetime :) Our first stop was Garryowen, MT and Little Bighorn Nat’l Park. It was very educational and emotional, it was also a very cold and windy day. I won’t get into the political side of the whole story, but it’s definitely worth the visit. Pictures really don’t do it justice!
we also spent some time in the Custer Battlefield Museum, and worth the time. The images of the American Indians that participated are amazing.



Take care ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in National Parks, Photography | Leave a comment

Our first trip to North Dakota and I collected another Nat’l Park stamp. TRNP was a lot more than we expected. I didn’t realize they too had wild horses (not mustangs though), but also Bison, Sheep (if you can find them) and others. The Bison were everywhere! Even on the front lawn of the visitor center while we were there.

So here are a few pictures that I took while Jim played chauffeur (he does an excellent job of that!). I yell stop and he tries to find a spot to pull over so that I can take that perfect picture. We actually had horses on the road in front of us, that he had to stop then!



Stay Free ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in Photography | Leave a comment

This was a special treat, my gift to myself for Mothers Day :) We drove down to Hot Springs, SD to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary to do a 2 hour tour. We lucked out and we were the only ones that signed up so we got a private tour with David. He and his wife run the café on the property, but he also does tours.
He was very knowledgeable and we had a great time! He took us all over, found lots of bands (over 600 truly wild mustangs) of horses and took lots of pictures. I have plans to create a picture book for my granddaughter Ava, just another way to enjoy the memories.

It was a really fun Mother’s Day, thanks honey!



1 week old Lace


Run Wild; Run Free! ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in National Parks, Photography | Leave a comment

Ok, another redo, but again it’s about the search for animals :) and we found the Rocky Mtn Sheep this time! Yeah! It’s always a great drive, it definitely looked different in May than it did in July (the last time we were here).

so here are a few pictures:


Keep on truckin’! ~ Kim

May 22nd, 2014 | in National Parks, Photography | Leave a comment

Yes, we were here 3 years ago; yes, it hasn’t changed much, but… We got to see more animals this trip! That is one of the parts that I absolutely love. We also got to see Mt. Rushmore lit up at night for the first time. That was special too… We also spent more time, not in a big hurry so we got to relax and truly enjoy the area more.

Did some beer tasting in Rapid City, Hill City & Spearfish… my pint beer glass collection is growing nicely :) Did some wine tasting too in Hill City! go figure, Naked Winery of South Dakota (which is also home of Sick N Twisted Brewery); they just opened a tasting room in Bend, OR.

So here is the slide show of pictures that I thought were the best :) You can always ask me to give you a full slide show (it may take months).


Be well, we are having a blast ~ Kim