Well, we made it safe and sound, we are in London. We flew the red-eye from Vancouver, BC, Canada and landed at 11:00am London time. We are lucky in that we are flying business class on the long leg, free drinks & meals, full laydown seats/beds, but sleep still eludes me for the most part. I think Jim got quite a few winks in.

We take the bus to our hotel, luckily, they have a clean room at 12:00 noon, because check-in is not until 2:00pm and we wanted to drop off our luggage and head to Central London to look around. ¬†We get on another bus, take it to the “tube” and head downtown. It’s England and London at that, so it is lightly raining. we get off the tube at Westminster so that we can take a look at Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliement, etc. We also wanted to ride “The Eye”, a huge ferris wheel. By the time we get off the Eye, it’s pouring! We are now looking for a pub to grab a bite to eat, but they are standing room only, no one wants to be out in the rain.

We change our minds, head back to the hotel for some dinner and to relax. In the meantime, we are now having discussions with 2 credit cards that are not working even though we called them to make sure they knew we were traveling. It took two long phone calls at 1.29 a minute to get them all cleared up, so keep your fingers crossed that they will continue to work.

Now we need to take showers, etc because we have to be at the airport at OH DARK 4:30 AM for out 6:35 AM flight to Barcelona. If we can stay awake, and we get into Barcelona at 9:30 AM, we will almost have 1 full additional day to enjoy the sites, food & wine of Barcelona.

Haven’t figured out how to get pictures up yet, so will head over to Facebook and post a few soggy pictures of London.