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January 25th, 2011 | in Friends | 1 comment

We have friends that live here in Livingston that we met in 2000 while RV’ing, John & Carol. They are awesome volunteers and one of their commitments is to Habitat for Humanity.  That is big here in Livingston, they have a house project going all the time I think. They have also supported HfH while on the road traveling. I can’t do much in the way of building a home for someone, or working in the yard to make it beautiful, but I can walk, and walk I did.

Carol mentioned the walk last year, but we were not in the area so I couldn’t participate. This year we are, so I told her to include me as a walker. This is the 2nd year of the walk and hopefully they have many more. Ray & Susie G. put it together with lots of help from others, all I had to do was sign a sheet saying I would walk and try to get as much support as I could via donations. Many friends helped out there, thank you to all that donated & supported me on this walk! 

It was a 4 day walk, from Fri, Jan 14th to Mon., Jan 17th. We walked anywhere from 5.5 miles to 7.9 miles on each of the days. We started in Corrigan, TX on Fri, started at Moscow, TX on Sat, Leggett, TX on Sun, and then just on the outskirts of Livingston on Monday. We finished at Livingston High School right at the beginning of the MLK Multi-Cultural Festival (free fried catfish & chicken dinner) here in town. It was a great way to finish; dinner & a show :)

The weather held pretty well for us, it was touch and go on Sunday, a few showers with a little sun, but mostly just cloudy and in the mid 50’s. The escort service we had was awesome, we were actually walking along Hwy 59 most of the walk until we turned right at Wal-Mart and then walked through town on TX 190 (Church St). While outside of the city limits of Livingston, we were escorted by the local county Sheriffs Dept and then once we hit the city limits, 2 more local city police joined the escort. They were really great guys and we appreciated how they supported us and kept us safe. It had to have been the most boring job in the world!

We had different people join the walk on each of the 4 days, that made it fun to meet & greet new people. Officer Jay brought his daughter Amber along on Saturday, so she joined us walkers and finished up with us on the last three days. It’s great to see younger folk get involved. Hopefully next year we will have more. Carol talked Amber into helping her work in the yard of the current house that is being built (I don’t think it took too much talking). Way to go Carol & Amber!

Map of walk

Map of walk

January 15th, 2011 | in Food, Friends | 1 comment

Jim and I were invited to Mark’s house to partake of some of his home smoked pulled pork. He has a Bradley smoker that he has digitized. It is awesome and I want one! It looks so easy, even I could make it work. It’s small, compact and does everything for you but put the meat into the smoker. That’s my kind of cookin’!


Two of the other couples that were invited couldn’t make it (it was a pretty miserable day), but we did, along with his sister Gail, and enjoyed it all. Mark’s home-brewed IPA and Porter and I brought along a couple of bottles of Lenne. All I can say is another resounding YUM!


Here are a few pictures, both of the preperation of what we had for dinner and the 2nd pork butt that was going to be taken with Mark for dinner as he traveled the next few weeks.



After dinner, I had brought some brownies & ice cream for sundaes and we also enjoyed some of Mark’s home-brewed wildflower honey mead. It was awesome, just like everything else we had for dinner. I can’t wait until Mark gets back, I am going to go help set up his next batch of beer to be brewed. FUN, FUN, FUN!


Thanks Mark for inviting us, we had a great dinner and brought home enough of the left-over pulled pork for two more dinners. I like that!