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July 3rd, 2010 | in Friends | 1 comment

Here are the rest of the pictures. We really didn’t get a chance to truly thaw out and warm up. There was more cold, rain, snow in the mountains than truly expected. We did get a couple of nice days that we got out and hiked. Crazy winter weather.


While in Tucson, many of the evenings we take turn preparing dinner. One night I decided to make a Chicken Pot Pie, weight watchers style. It took a little doing, but worth it, it was pretty darn good! I started WW last Sept (2009) to loose the extra weight I was carrying around. I wanted to be ready for my 35th HS reunion.


Some of the nights we go out for dinner, in this case, we had to go to a Tucson "legend", Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant. It was a great choice, loved the ambience, the wine, the food and definitely the friends.


With all the crazy weather, there was quite a bit of rain. The desert loved it, the bloom was exceptional this year. I didn’t go crazy with pictures, but I am including a picture of a Ocotillo in bloom. They are hard to photograph, so this isn’t the best, but when you see a "sea" of them across the desert, it is worth hiking to see them.


We left the GPNW the 2nd week of January, the latest we have after left the area. It was wonderful to spend time with the family over the holidays. As you saw before, we stopped at Yosemite along the way, so it has it’s own page, look for it in the previous posts if you haven’t already seen it.


From there, we headed over to Tucson to spend a week to warm up and hopefully thaw out after the cold of the north. We spent the time close to Jim & Allison at their winter hideaway. We traveled to one of our favorite AZ wineries, Callaghans (needed some wine that is LONG GONE), did some hiking and of course, relaxing.


Here are a few pictures, more coming in the next post :)