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October 26th, 2009 | in Wine & Wine Tasting | 1 comment

By now, you might be a little tired of hearing about Lenne, but I am never tired of telling you about it! 😉 Jim and I are partners (just a little reminder) and we get to enjoy a few perks because of it. I love telling people that I/we are partners, but I think Jim likes to tell them even more.


Saturday night, Steve had a little get together for all the partners that could participate. When Steve has a party, he HAS A party! He is a great cook and dinner was absolutely delish! He made some of his famous pizza appetizers along with some Italian meats & cheese to start with. Dinner was braised short ribs or salmon, roasted red potatoes and a pear/filbert/goat cheese salad with mixed greens. I could have eaten all night, but trying so very hard to watch portion sizes :) For dessert, there was a mixed berry cobbler that was just yummy with creme fraiche.


Well, of course there was wine too! We went through the current line-up of what is being poured in the tasting room. Steve then brought out a couple of bottles of the 2008 Lenne Estate Pinot Noir (no, it has not been released yet). It is going to drink beautifully when released. He also had a few other Pinot’s on hand from other winemakers. It was really hard not just to stand there all night and enjoy.


It’s always fun to get together with like minded people. We are all partners, but for various reasons. We haven’t seen any of them for a couple of years, so it takes awhile to catch up, but catch up we did.



 It was a perfect evening, friends, food & wine. The patio at the tasting room was the perfect venue. The sides were down and the two heaters were running. It was cozy and intimate. What a perfect end to the 2009 harvest.

October 26th, 2009 | in Scenic | Leave a comment

The rain has started, it’s going to be pouring all day long here in Portland, Oregon but I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. I love the fall colors, everyone always thinks of the Northeast, etc when they think fall colors, but, hey, we have them too! As we drive around, I always say, "oh I should have taken a picture of that!" as we get to enjoy the golds, russets and oranges of the fall.


Fall in Kent, WA

 Fall color in a complex in Kent, WA


view from end of RV

Right behind the RV, we can watch the colors change in a neighbors yard


after the first big rain

Lots of color on the ground after the first big rain & wind


vineyard colors

colors of fall at Lenne Estate Vineyard in the afternoon twilight


I hope you had the chance to get out and enjoy the colors of fall… there is nothing better than to watch Mother Nature use her paintbrush across this wonderful land.

October 26th, 2009 | in Family | 1 comment

Jessica is one of my niece’s and is very busy planning, planning, planning her wedding for next year in August. She was kind enough to invite me along with some of her "soon to be" wedding party to view the property where she hopes to have the wedding.


It was a glorious day, we took a little tailgating fun with us: dainty sandwiches, munchies and of course LOTS of bubbly to help celebrate the day. We stopped along the way to visit with her brother, AJ, before he flew back to Nebraska where he is currently working.


Here are a few pictures to remember the day:


Lunch at Laurelwood

 Zach (fiance), Jessica, Teresa, AJ and Kate. Cousin Mari & her hubby Brian showed up a little later.


Jessica, Sherri & Teresa

 Jessica, Aunt Sherry (from Jessica’s dads side), & Teresa (Jessica’s mom and my sister)


The Girls

All the Ladies!


Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.  There is even room for me to park my motorhome on the property to really enjoy the weekend!

October 18th, 2009 | in Wine & Wine Tasting | Leave a comment

Well, the previous Platinum Judge post took you to the website where I submitted the video and anyone could vote (Thank YOU to those that did). Here is the video only if you want to watch it here. I posted it out on YouTube, so you can watch it as many times as you want :)



I lost a couple nights sleep over this dang thing, I was figuring out the pictures and the words in my head before I put them down on paper. I picked out all the pictures, put them in some semblance of a sequence and then taped the words. I did the words in one take, figured I couldn’t do too much better. I had to think about all the times I did presentations at work and my speech classes to make sure I didn’t talk too fast (yeah, I know I do…) and to enunciate so that people could understand what I was saying. Not bad, even if I do say so myself.


I was the only one that submitted a video, so I won by default, but it was fun. What did I win? I won the opportunity to be a non-voting judge during a 2 day wine judging event in Kennewick, WA. We will be there over Halloween weekend, should be a wonderful learning experience. Get to taste (and spit) over 300 wines from OR, WA, ID, and BC. I am really excited.


Wish me luck!

October 18th, 2009 | in Wine & Wine Tasting | Leave a comment

"We" finally finished harvesting on Monday, Oct. 12th. Jim and I participated in two days of harvesting, Oct. 5th & 9th. Both days were foggy in the morning, the first morning was a lot colder as the fog rose and stayed at the vineyard level. The grapes were happy though and that is all that counts. All totaled, there was about 38 tons of Pinot Noir harvested from the Lenné Estate Vineyard. Not bad, for a nine year old vineyard. It is growing up to be something wonderful.


Enjoy a little slideshow of the two days Jim and I spent at the vineyard harvesting; me, mostly taking pictures :)



Keep your eye out for the 2009 vintage late next year or early 2011, you are going to like it.


October 18th, 2009 | in Friends, Wine & Wine Tasting | Leave a comment

What can I say? We love to go out to Lenne and show it off. Dave & Vicki came up to the Portland area for the last weekend in September and we were able to meet up at the Lenne tasting room. What a great way to enjoy an afternoon!


Looking over the Lenne Vineyard towards WillaKenzie vineyards Looking over the vineyard towards WillaKenzie vineyards


The Lenne Chicken keeping vigilance Lenne chicken keeping vigilance


on the patio at Lenneenjoying the afternoon on the patio


Thank you Dave & Vicki for taking time out of your busy weekend to come join us. Also, sorry that Steve & Beth were not able to be there, we missed you!


October 18th, 2009 | in Friends | Leave a comment

Jim and I spent a little time in Seattle towards the end of September to take care of a bunch of appointments. While there, some really great friends, Dave & Vicki put up with us while we were there. We also enjoyed the chance to meet up with friends of mine from Boeing at The Red House in Renton. Love the place, great food, great selection of wine & beer to enjoy with the meal or just to have with friends. We also had a spectacular dinner over at Dave & Lorrie’s, the food was divine as was the company.


Here are a few memories to share:



I guess I need to quite taking tall pictures, sorry Dave E. that you got your head chopped off. I really didn’t mean anything by it 😉 Thanks everyone for a September to remember.

October 15th, 2009 | in Wine & Wine Tasting | Leave a comment

Hot off the press; from the Wine Press Northwest weekly email dated 10/13/2009:


Congratulations to Kim Waddle, the only entrant in our contest for a seat at our Platinum Judging. She will join nine other judges to taste through more than 300 wines from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Idaho that won gold medals in any of about 30 top-flight competitions we tracked this year.


Check out her entry.


We plan to offer seats at future Wine Press Northwest competitions.


More to come later!