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August 26th, 2009 | in National Parks, Scenic | Leave a comment

I talked Jim into heading over to Glacier Nat’l Park in Montana for 1 week. I am so glad that I did! I loved the park, the hiking, the scenery, the geology, the critters :) I love looking for wild animals and I got lucky this trip. Still, no moose 😛


I put my pictures out on Facebook, but I know many of you don’t have accounts, so I also put them up on Picasa. This way you can browse through them, run them as a slide show, or not look at them at all!


Glacier National Park Aug 2009 pictures


In a nutshell, this is what we did for our 6 days at Glacier:

  • 8/16: we drove along Lake McDonald (it was windy and gloomy on this day, lots of clouds) and I made Jim stop over and over again to take pictures :) We continued on to the lodge and all the way up to the loop.
  • 8/17: we drove around the bottom of the park on hwy 2, stopped at Goat Lick (no goats for us) and then on to Two Medicine Lake. Again, another gloomy, cloudy day.
  • 8/18: I hiked up to Avalanche Lake on a ranger guided hike. Ranger Doug was full of stories, he is 83 years young and so spry heading up this 1.5 mile trail with 500 ft elevation climb. Again, I took lots of pictures and even got to see a black bear. In the afternoon, Jim and I drove up to Logans Pass and saw our first mountain goats.
  • 8/19: Jim and I hiked the Hidden Lake trail from Logan Pass in the morning. Gorgeous day, so much sun! We got to see more mountain goats, marmots and bighorn sheep. We continued east on the Going-to-the-Sun hwy after the hike to St. Mary’s. We got to see osprey and a golden eagle soaring over a meadow looking for lunch. We figured we hadn’t had enough fun yet and I was still looking for a moose. We continued by driving up to Many Glaciers and Fishercap Lake. We just missed the moose by a few hours, but got to see the tracks in the mud. We continued up to Red Rock Falls. By this time, Jim was way overloaded on our hiking, so we headed back to the RV.
  • 8/20: We drove up the west side to Polebridge, a small community that takes you back to the ’60s. We bought several yummy breads & cookies from the bakery and then continued our drive into the park. We decided to drive up to Bowman Lake. Beautiful! we chatted with some ladies that had just finished a hike and they had seen a mama black bear with 2 cubs about 20 minutes before they finished their hike. I would love to go back to this lake and have a kayak with me. So peaceful, so serene, so beautiful.
  • 8/21: lazy day, we drove back to Lake McDonald to take the 1 hour lake cruise. It was fun, Clarissa our Ranger was interesting to listen to. We got to see a Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle and brown loons.

It was a very successful trip, enjoyed every minute and I would truly recommend that you go visit this wonderous park. Especially since the glaciers will probably be gone in 20 years or sooner and it will change the whole aspect of the park. Enjoy it while you can!


morning reflections on Lake McDonald


August 17th, 2009 | in Family | Leave a comment

The 2nd week of August we spent with Lisa and her family in Sandpoint, ID.



We had a nice, relaxing visit, just hanging out & visiting. They built a full hook-up spot in their front yard, it worked great, even in the rain. Once there is grass, it will be awesome!


The kids are busy, the boys are getting ready for football season, they love football. Julie is working on her cheerleading moves; they are attending camps to get even better. Julie tried her first back hand-spring with a little incentive, a new notebook laptop computer from her mom and $20.00 from her grandpa. She gave it her best. That’s all they were asking for.


Brian worked hard so that he could take a day off and all of the "boys" go out in their boat, well, the weather did not cooperate! It rained cats and dogs, so Brian visited with a visiting HS buddy and the rest of us just stayed high and dry.


One afternoon we all went to see the new Harry Potter movie, this was the first time I actually saw it at the theatre. Jim was not following the movie all the time because it had been too long since we saw the last one. I had to remind him of some of the plot lines 😉 Jim did enjoy his popcorn though.


It’s always fun to see the grandkids, so thanks for having us over for a visit.


August 17th, 2009 | in Friends | Comments Off on First week of August

Our first stop in August was to visit with our friends Bob & Kathy. I met Kathy "way back" in 1988 when I went to work in the same group she worked in at Boeing. I remember it like yesterday, but then, isn’t it your short term memory that goes first? and you only remember "way back when?" 😉


[book id=’8′ /]


We stayed with Bob & Kath for a week; Jim worked with Bob on his boat a little, Bob helped Jim with the RV a little. They always have a list of projects to work on while we visit.


We got a treat; Bob allowed us to sit inside his restored hydroplane boat. Good thing I am not the driver, it wouldn’t be very comfortable for a few trips around the course! He ran the engine for us and Jim just loved the noise, it was really, really loud because it was still in the garage!


Kath and I visited; I did lots of genealogy updates, and we went to see Julie/Julia movie (loved it!). I visited with Mokie too :)


We drove over to visit with Bob & Jan too, they live "over the border" in WA. Bob was our boss when I hired into Boeing. It’s always a huge treat to be able to go over and visit. Jan is a great cook! Bob did a wonderful job on catching & smoking the Kokanee trout. Thanks for sharing.


We visited Coeur d’Alene Cellars to say hi to Warren (the winemaker) so that I could trade a bottle of Lenne with him for a bottle of CDA wine. It’s always fun to visit the wineries that you know.


They have always been such gracious hosts, especially since we "live" in their side yard for the whole week! Thanks once again for a great visit.

August 14th, 2009 | in Family, Friends | Leave a comment

After Cow Camp (see previous post), we headed into town (Bend, Oregon) to just enjoy the Central Oregon weather, and, oh, well, some friends too :) I can’t think of anything that smells better than Central Oregon under a little heat; sage, pine & juniper all mingled together to make something I wish I could bottle for aroma therapy!



We visited with Patty & Russ and their kids, Jenna & Tyler. We got there Sunday night for dinner, and, surprise, several of my nephews were there. We are just one very big family.


I had lunch with a wonderful friend from high school, Linda. We ate at the Pine Tavern, a landmark restaraunt in Bend. Lunch was great but visiting with Linda was the best!


Jim and I went out to dinner at Eagle Crest Golf Club Resort. My brother Jeff has a time share there, so we went to check it out. But really, we went to visit with another nephews’ girlfriend, Katy, that works there. It was a great evening, sitting outdoors and enjoying the patio. I ordered a bottle of bubbly to go with dinner, so we truly relaxed.


Mostly though, I sat outside in the shade, read a couple of books, enjoyed a glass or two of wine (or was that bottles?) and enjoyed my time in Bend. Jim was a good hubby, he continued to bring home the bacon :)


July always means Cow Camp (CC) for my family. Then you say, "Cow Camp? what is that?". Cow Camp is lots of things, mostly my family getting together (my parents, all my siblings and significant others, all our kids and if they have them, their significant others & their kids) and enjoying the time together. We have been doing this at least once a year for over 45 years! That’s a long time in the same place…



The movie shows a lot of what we do, we eat, we enjoy beverages, we swim at Cultus Lake, we do volunteer work (wood duck boxes through out the area), we relax, we fish, we hike, and anything else that we can think of.


This year, we also did a toast to my parents, Monty & Sally, for they are what started this wonderful tradition and they will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in September. Since CC is one of the few times that all of us gather, it’s a great time to celebrate what ever needs to be celebrated.


This was a "lighter" year, many of the young adults had to come and go based on jobs, etc. I think the most we had for dinner was about 35 people. That is nothing! we have been as high as 45+ in the past, depending on the meal. Favorites are clam chowder night & pancake breakfast. I flip a mean pancake :) my dad makes the best homemade clam chowder. I snagged a big bowl full of left overs so that I could have some for another meal after we left. YUM.


August 3rd, 2009 | in Family, Friends | Leave a comment

Where did July go? We have been busy, driving, visiting, camping, enjoying wine & great food.


[book id=’6′ /]


Here are a few of the things we did in July…


Truly enjoyed a great bottle of wine, Château Lynch-Bages Pauillac 1982; 94 Parker rating (my little brother did not know what he had, that bottle is now going for about $300.00).


On our drive  from Seattle to Portland, we saw a rolled pick-up truck & trailer, not a good sign…


Sat in the parking lot they call I-5 on our way to Portland, it was a Thursday night traffic jam.


Enjoyed some great food at my sister Teresa’s house, along with my parents, Teresa’s husband Al, their daughter Jessica and her boyfriend, Zach (who makes great beer!).


We met up with Dave, Vicki, Steve & Beth as they finished the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride.


We met up with an old friend, Paul at one of the local McMenimems for a beer and snack.


Went out to Lenne Estates to check the grapes, make sure they were happy.


I also met up with a high school girlfriend, Linda (Fox) Crafton at the tasting room. We yakked & yakked & yakked, we had a lot of catching up to do.


There is more July to come, I am going as fast as I can between all the other fun we are having!