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April 19th, 2014 | in RV'ing Lifestyle, Travel | Leave a comment

And we are off! It’s the summer of Alaska: fishing, wildlife, photography, friends. Should be a great summer. We leave the house behind and work our way to meet up with friends to tour Alaska for three months. Yeah, 3 MONTHS! We are so excited (I am sure Jim is, you can tell 😉 ).


This trip has been on my radar for quite some time and it is finally coming true! We will be working our way North thru OK, KS, NE, SD, ND and then head East to MT and then on up into Canada. That is where we will meet up with everyone. Once we meet, we stay together or we do our own thing, what could be better? That way we have a support group if something goes wrong. Better than caravanning or going by yourself.


We do have reservations at Denali for over the 4th of July holiday. That will be awesome. We then head south to Kenai to do a little (or a LOT) salmon fishing with some winery friends (Rich, I guess I had better remind you 😀 ). It’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime, so keep your eyes open for new posts as we go.


A side note :( I sprained my left ankle pretty bad right before we hit the road. It is putting a kink in the early part of the trip, but it won’t stop me.


fat ankle

fat ankle


Chat with you soon!  Kim

June 29th, 2013 | in Travel | Leave a comment

Jim and I are spending the month of July in Oregon. We have a LOT of things on our list to be worked on, so spending most of that time down in the Coburg, Junction City, Harrisburg area.


We have been living in this RV since we bought it in 2001, February to be exact. That’s a lot of wear and tear in a very small space. Time for some updates, maintenance and new features.


Alas, I will be working during the month, my own doing. I figured since I was “stuck” in the area, might as well make use of the time! Hey, I might find something I can’t live without and it will pay for it. The current plan is for me to turn in my badge and work PC on August 12th, and I have every day until we get to Livingston, TX in November planned out :) (more about that in another post).


So, here’s to being in Oregon, getting much needed work done on the RV and getting ready to truly hit the road!




Looking thru the front window while on the road

Looking thru the front window while on the road


April 30th, 2013 | in Travel | Leave a comment


It’s just around the corner, we fly out for Paris, France on May 6th! I am so excited, I think Jim is too, just doesn’t show it. I will be posting on Facebook during our trip, so check it out while we are there for 3 glorious weeks! We arrive back in Seattle on May 27th (Memorial Day), probably ready to sleep for 24 hours straight 😉




Another awesome trip with my hubby!


May 9th, 2012 | in Travel | 1 comment

Well, we made it safe and sound, we are in London. We flew the red-eye from Vancouver, BC, Canada and landed at 11:00am London time. We are lucky in that we are flying business class on the long leg, free drinks & meals, full laydown seats/beds, but sleep still eludes me for the most part. I think Jim got quite a few winks in.

We take the bus to our hotel, luckily, they have a clean room at 12:00 noon, because check-in is not until 2:00pm and we wanted to drop off our luggage and head to Central London to look around.  We get on another bus, take it to the “tube” and head downtown. It’s England and London at that, so it is lightly raining. we get off the tube at Westminster so that we can take a look at Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliement, etc. We also wanted to ride “The Eye”, a huge ferris wheel. By the time we get off the Eye, it’s pouring! We are now looking for a pub to grab a bite to eat, but they are standing room only, no one wants to be out in the rain.

We change our minds, head back to the hotel for some dinner and to relax. In the meantime, we are now having discussions with 2 credit cards that are not working even though we called them to make sure they knew we were traveling. It took two long phone calls at 1.29 a minute to get them all cleared up, so keep your fingers crossed that they will continue to work.

Now we need to take showers, etc because we have to be at the airport at OH DARK 4:30 AM for out 6:35 AM flight to Barcelona. If we can stay awake, and we get into Barcelona at 9:30 AM, we will almost have 1 full additional day to enjoy the sites, food & wine of Barcelona.

Haven’t figured out how to get pictures up yet, so will head over to Facebook and post a few soggy pictures of London.

May 11th, 2011 | in Travel | Leave a comment

One of my goals on this stop was to experience The Kentucky Derby, I just didn’t want to spend an arm & a leg doing it! Dawn at the Downs (previous post) was awesome, even if we “kinda” got into trouble. We saw the horses up close and personal, I could have petted several of them as we stood at the railing.


But what about Saturday at the races? I checked out various sites & tickets, the cheapest tickets I could find a couple of weeks ago (where you could actually see the horses run) was 313.00 per ticket for bleachers out in the open, no backs to the seating. This was at a resale site for tickets. Even infield tickets (which are $40.00 ea at the entrance) were going from $50.00 to $500.00 on the resale sites. I can think of a lot more use for the money than a one time trip to the Kentucky Derby. We decided to use the shuttles that were going on all over town, we parked at the fairgrounds/expo center ($8.00), then walked up to the shuttles ($15.00 ea). My goodness, everyone had their hands out.


We settled for the infield, no chairs, no views of the horses, but it got us on the grounds and we could go almost anywhere on the main floor. We did a lot of people watching, checked out the main open area where the winners are paraded once their race is over, and made our bets. It took us awhile to figure out how to even get over to the infield, there is a tunnel that goes under the track. We took one trip over to see what it was like. It is party central for “kids”, lots to drink and eat. We did see a few that had already over indulged on the Mint Juleps :) I did partake of a Mojito and a Margarita, both ok, all from mix. Oh well, they were cold and refreshing.


Jim bet on Nehro to win (he came in 2nd, dang) and I bet on Pants on Fire to place (wanted the female jockey). Neither of us made any money, but we had fun. We got to the races around 12:30pm probably just before the 5th race. With all the standing or walking (no place to sit, if there was a bench to be had, it was staked out early), my back wasn’t going to last until 6:30pm then try to fight the other people to get onto the shuttle and back to the parking. We decided to finish watching the 8th race and head home so that we could put up our feet, drink some wonderful adult beverages, and enjoy the race. You get a much better view on the TV anyhow :) It was a wise decision.


Here are some pictures of the people, the hats, the clothes, the shoes. I loved the people watching!



Now I can check this adventure off my list. It was fun, truly, but it’s definitely a one and done if you don’t have the money to spend to be in the Millionaire Row :)

May 7th, 2011 | in Travel | Leave a comment

We have been trying to figure out what things to enjoy during Derby week. Someone reminded me about Dawn at the Downs, it’s where you get to watch the horses exercise early in the morning before the race. In this case, Tue – Thur at 7:00am to 9:00am. We chose to head to the track on Thursday morning, the 5th of May. It was suppose to be the best weather day of the week, but it was going to be cool. Well, in this case, down right cold! We left the RV at 6:00am and it was only 35 degrees outside. Where did that come from???


We found a Starbucks for some coffee to keep us warm and headed to Churchill Downs. I had done some research and found where there was free parking and we took advantage of this. You could either buy tickets, enjoy a buffet breakfast, and sit in the fancy covered seating OR you could go in free, stand out in the cold, and get close to the horses. We chose close to the horses.


We found an entrance and walked in like we owned the place, said Hi to the security guard at the gate and kept on going. We walked through the stables of some really well known names and found where a whole lot of people were hanging out. I wanted to take pictures of the horses, so we found a covered gazebo like thing and stepped right up. I took a few pictures and then saw a few people along the rail and decided to head down there.  Mind you, all this time saw no signs, no “security”, nothing to tell us where we should or should NOT be. Well. WE should not be where we were at all! At around 8:00, we had just decided we were cold enough and I had enough pictures, we started to head out. At that time, a gentleman started asking to see if those down behind the rails had their “Media” credentials! Welllllll. He came directly to us and we just said we were just leaving and walked out.


That was interesting! I had already gotten the feeling that we were in the wrong place, but hey, I took advantage of it! We walked back through the stables (still like we owned it) and got back to the car. I decided I wanted to take a few pictures of the Twin Spires from the front if possible before the crowds on Saturday, so we walked around the main floor and checked a few things out.


Here are a few pictures from our time at the Dawn at the Downs.



More derby to come!

May 7th, 2011 | in Travel | Leave a comment

Our next stop is just south of Louisville, Kentucky; Shepherdsville, KY to be exact. Plans are to enjoy Bourbon, Wine, & the 137th Kentucky Derby. We might throw in a trip to Mammoth Caves National Park. Lots to see and do in this area. We could visit the home where Abraham Lincoln was born and another home where he lived for awhile. There are historic towns and lots of museums. The weather hasn’t been that good yet, but we will keep our fingers crossed.


Be chatting and sharing some more soon! Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page, always updates going on there. I might even throw in a tweet or two!